Brandon Foster is a business professional that is known not only as a businessman, but also a family man and an individual interested in helping underprivileged children. He has made a name for himself not only in the Oklahoma area but nationally and internationally.

Brandon Foster was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, attending an Oklahoma Christian School. Not only was he a good student, but he was also active in track, basketball, and the 4H program.
But being a good student and an athlete wasn’t enough for Brandon. He was the kind of student who knew what he wanted in life, not just for the present but also for the future. It was a characteristic that few American boys his age had. He was encouraged by his hardworking grandfather, who told him, “Work hard, and work just as smart as you work hard.”

So how did the multi-business executive brain of Brandon Foster get started at such a young age? While he was a boy, his mother stayed home working as a hairstylist. Brandon took an interest in the cars of his mother’s clients and asked his mother’s clients if he could clean their cars to make them bright and shiny why they got their hair cut. They were happy to oblige. Brandon worked hard to do an excellent job with his interest in detailing cars. From there, at 14, Brandon took a job at Hollister Monument Company from 4:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m. This, in addition to basketball practice in the morning, followed by school during the day. His job at Hollister was to wash tombstones and load them onto trucks. After the 14-year-old was done with his job, he would walk two miles to get home. The only time he didn’t show up for work was when he was granted the time off to attend his games. Brandon was a faithful worker who, even at 14, knew what it meant to be dependable and responsible.

His business goals and aspirations didn’t stop at 14; he cultivated his dreams right on into high school. Inspired by the detail jobs he did for his mom’s customers, Branded opened a detail shop of his own, detailing for car dealerships. While other teens his age were busy with the everyday things that teens do, Brandon was different. So determined was Brandon to work hard and prosper, even in high school, he would stay until 3 or 4 in the morning, making sure that his business was run properly and effectively. At an early age, Brandon learned what it took to succeed as an entrepreneur and a business owner, and his efforts paid off.

Today, Brandon is not only an owner of multiple businesses, including sophisticated logistic operations, trucking, hauling, and wholesale companies, among others, but also runs a philanthropic organization that gives back. Brandon is dedicated to his philanthropic efforts but still makes the family a priority. He is married to his wife Ashleigh, with whom they have three children. Brandon knew early on that not only did he want to become successful and grow large scale companies, but he also wanted his life to be well-rounded with a good family around him.

When he’s not running his many businesses, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family at his lake house or watching his kids participate in sports, such as basketball and cheerleading. His children are as active and hardworking as he is. Ashleigh and Brandon know they are living the American dream, and now that they have it, as Christians, they work to give back to the community. Through their love of children, they focus on giving back to underprivileged children.

Brandon Foster achieves giving back through his philanthropy efforts that work to nurture children and help them to feel safe. Just like with his passion for succeeding in business and just like with his passion for giving back, Brandon Foster’s philanthropy thrives in helping underprivileged youth feel safe in this world. In so doing, Brandon has partnered to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to meaningful charities and organizations and businesses that are devoted to children and their well-being.